Man killed on hunting trip near Merredin

A 36-year-old man was shot and killed on a farming property on Koorda-Bullfinch Road.A 36-year-old man has been shot and killedon a hunting trip near Merredin.
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Police saidAshley John Major was with a group of hunters on a rural property in Chandler,about260 kilometres east of Perth, just before 8pm on Friday.

According to police, Mr Major was shot on the Wheatbelt farming property on Koorda-Bullfinch Road.

A number of people involved in a hunting group are assisting police with enquiries.

Mr major was taken to Merredin Hospital and the RAC rescue helicopter was deployed for a transfer,but was turned back a short time later when he died.

Chandler is an abandoned site between Merredin and Mukinbudin.

Major Crime are investigating the circumstances aroundthe shooting.

It is unknown if the lethal shot came from his own gun or another in the hunting group.

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